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The weekend is here and panic sets in,
what are we going to do today.

A comprehensive list of unusual and interesting
things to do in and around New Jersey...

                                        Section 1...
These Sites List Numerous Events

Air Related  - Skydiving  Gliding  Parasail

Adventures ... Extreme, Exciting & Incredible, Including Ziplines

Amusements, Arcades & Theme Parks ... e

Aquariums & Hatcheries

Arboretums & Gardens ...e


Astronomy & Space

Bicycle - Cycling Clubs & Events

Bed and Breakfast Locations

Boat & Water Related


Running, Camping, Biking, Birding, Golf, Hiking, Walking

Capital One Blue Ventures Credit Card Bonus Miles List

Car Related, Clubs, Trucks, Motorcycles, Snowmobiling 
  ... e
4-16  Car shows by day of the week, & by date are back.

Cart Racing

Christmas Related 

Comedy Clubs

Corvettes Only 

Countdown Till That Season Or Holiday Comes !!!

                                       Section 2...
Crafts Shows/Fairs/Festivals  - Flea Markets  - Shows  - Misc.


Discounts list from stores ... 200 + companies Listed. 

Drive-In Theaters

Distributed Computing

Factory Tours

Farms  Villages   Gardens   Historic Sites

Fishing, Hunting


Fun Things To Do Online ...


Halloween Related ... See who's open for 2017 !!!

Hands On Exhibits ...

Horse Related 

Hot Air Ballooning  ...e

Ice Skating ...

Malls ...

Museums  ... e

Neat Stuff & Information ...

Paintball & Airsoft Locations ...

Party Related ...

Performing Arts ...

Pick Your Own - Pumpkins, Apples, Trees ...

Pinball Machines tips, Tricks & Values

Remote Control Model Airplanes ...

Restaurants, Brewpubs, Microbreweries ...

Robotics ...

Roller Skating...

Running, Biking, Hiking, Walking, Birding, Golfing, Camping ...e

Safety and Manufacturer Recalls ...

Seniors, Disabled, & Everybody Else Benefits ...10-17

Shooting Ranges   ...

Skiing ... - Mountain stats from NJ to ME

Train Clubs, Rides, Shows ...

TSA Pre✓ is an expedited security screening program.

Treasure Clubs

Unique Places To Visit ...


Zoo & Animal Parks ...


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