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  Hot Air Balloons

Balloons are flown in the early morning or late afternoon because winds are usually calmest for 2 to 3 hours after sunrise, and 2 to 4 hours before sunset.
Check the Hunterdon Hills Playhouse listed under the Performing Arts section.  Its just outside of Clinton before or after your balloon flight.

BEWARE!  You may be in for a ride you never bargained for.

 In recent months, many nearly-identical websites have materialized offering ballooning gift certificates and attempting to book reservations for balloon rides.

They appear to be representing a balloon company in your local area and make claims that they have the highest safety record, use the best equipment, have been serving the local area for a long time, offer the least expensive balloon ride, and have the closest flying location to major metropolitan areas.

However, these websites are actually nothing more than a middle man or reservation agency which costs you money. Be leery of their many misrepresentations!

To help you determine if a website represents an actual balloon company:
  Does the website provide a business address for the company?
  Does the website include specific information about their pilots, crew, staff and/or balloons?
  Does the website include specific information about their launch facilities such as location and driving directions?
If you're still not sure if they're legitimate, call the 800-number and ask where they are located. If they cannot answer immediately without asking where you are calling from, then you have reached the middle man! You might be asking, "Why not go through one of these agencies?"

1. Deceptive business practices: They employ a series of cookie-cutter websites which offer the exact same facts and pictures across the country, but claim to represent a local balloon company. In most instances, the images featured on their websites are used without permission of the original author. This is copyright infringement! There are many victims of this illegal practice. Many copyrighted photos can be found on their template websites - without permission from the content creators.

2. Location and distance: The agent will only book you with a participating balloon company. Sometimes the nearest participating flying location in their network is several states away! They certainly don't want you as a customer to be aware that there are other balloon companies outside of their network that are much closer to you.

3. Bogus fees: "Convenience Fee," "Poor Weather / Re-Schedule Fee," "Return Transportation Fee," "Pilot Fee" (gratuity), "Champagne Fee," etc. are all tacked on after you have already paid over the internet and arrive for your appointment. You may initially only pay $159 over the internet, which is often slightly cheaper than the flight fares respectable companies charge. However, after you arrive and add up the fees, your bill can quickly exceed $250 for the flight alone. This is most commonly-known as the classic "bait and switch" scheme. All of these fees go directly to the booking agency and in most cases, the pilot never even knows this is going on. These fees are all redundant - the ride back to the launch site, champagne, and everything else is included standard in the price of a normal balloon ride - but these companies prey on the general ignorance of consumers.

4. Low budget operations: Usually, the balloon company in the area who is participating with these booking agencies is so small and low budget that they are unable to advertise for themselves. And if they can't afford marketing, how can they afford good pilots, quality equipment, or have properly maintained aircraft? There is never a real guarantee of pilot experience, safety record, or aircraft airworthiness.

The experience of a balloon flight is one you will remember and cherish forever. It is important that this experience be performed by a competent, safe and professional company. Choosing to make a reservation with an agency which makes claims of, but has no control over, safety, pilots and equipment quality is literally throwing caution to the wind.
Do your research before you fly - your safety and enjoyment depend on it.
Important Reference:

Neat Info:
Excluding the pilot, balloons can hold 550, 750, 850 lbs. of weight.  Average size baskets can hold 3-5 people.

The average hot air balloon is 55 feet wide and 70 feet high (same as a 7 story building)...If you filled a hot air balloon with water it could hold around 600,000 gallons!. The average height of sport ballooning is around 400 feet off the ground, but they can soar as high as 50,000 feet! Most flights last around an hour.

Are their balloons registered with and regulated by the F.A.A. Like airplanes, they carry an "N" number and they undergo regular safety inspections by an F.A.A. certified inspector.

Some recommendations include: closed-toed shoes (sneakers, hiking boots, etc.); jeans; (no dress pants or skirts, or shorts); comfortable shirt/jacket; hat. For morning flights be aware of damp (dew) ground and consider water repellent footwear. Sunglasses should be included as with any outdoor event

The average balloon costs from $20,000 to over $35,000 and last about 400 flights. This price includes the envelope, gondola, fuel tanks, and instruments, but does not include any ground support equipment.

In case there is a rough landing, people pregnant, had knee surgery, back problems, or aged should think twice.


Adventure Ballooning Inc.
501 Rt. 35
P.O. Box 906
Neptune, NJ
732- 531-6668
   Hot air balloon and tether rides for promotional purposes and parties.
Number disconnected

A-Lot-A Hot Air
Clinton, NJ
908-996-4233 -- 908-713-6123
   Join me in my 25th year of celebrating man's first form of flight, Hot Air Balloon Ride, as we take to the air over the beautiful country side of Western New Jersey and PA, near the Delaware River.
Tom has the balloons that hold the heavier weight people.   27 miles - 36 minutes

Alexandria Balloon Flights
   Our launch site is located at Sky Manor Airport
Pittstown, NJ 08867
1-888 Hot Air 7 -- 1-888-468-2477
----- Last year we celebrated flying our 10,000th delighted balloon passenger. -- 32-40 miles

American Balloon
211 Sidney Rd.
Pittstown, NJ 08867
   Hot air balloon, corporate flight programs. - 32-40 miles

Avian Adventures
P.O. Box 5372
Clinton, NJ 08809
   Flight Lessons, Tethers for parties and Corporate Affairs
Web site down - 10-10    27 miles - 36 minutes

Balloonatics & Aeronuts
forecast for
231 Brainards Road
Phillipsburg, NJ 08865
Last visited 11-11
   34 years experience.  One hour champagne balloon flights.  Friends and family are welcomed to ride in the chase vehicle (1 or 2 can fit), or follow in their own vehicles, and join the party after the balloon flight.
1 hour and 15 minutes from New York City.

Upon arriving at our destination we were greeted by (Giulia - Pronounced Julia) who welcomed us to use the facilities and freshen up after our long drive into Warren County. After about fifteen minutes after we arrived, a van pulled up carrying our soon to be aircraft. We hopped into the van with the pilot, Scott, and his helpers Sally, Michael, and Ford.

When we arrived at the field where we were to take off from, we immediately got out of the van and were encouraged to help in setting up the hot air balloon. The balloon was up and ready to board within 20 minutes. The enormous balloon seems to stretch miles high. The tiny basket was just big enough for the three of us and the pilot.

As we took off we waved to our family members who opted not to ride as they got smaller and smaller until they were little specks on a massive field of green. The ride was extremely smooth and the view was stunning, spectacular, and breath-taking. Scott informed us about the surrounding area and answered all of our questions about being a pilot and hot air ballooning, he informed us that he had piloted over 1,000 trips on a hot air balloon.

After about a little less than an hour in the air we landed in someone's backyard. The clean up was just as quick and simple as setting up and within 20 minutes we were back in the van headed back.

On our arrival back we were given champagne, brownies, grapes, nuts and chips and salsa. We dined and had great conversations. Scott and his crew we extremely knowledgeable and pleasant. This was an amazing and memorable trip that is recommended to everyone.
This is a first class operation !!! - 38 miles - 50 minutes

Balloon America Hot Air Balloon Rides
Califon, NJ
   Extremely experienced pilots and scrupulous attention to SAFE fun.

Bart's Special Shape Collection
   He has a database of over 900 unusual shape hot air balloons.

Dancing On Air Balloon Voyages
Flemington, NJ

Dekay Aviation
Baptistown, NJ
   Very informative write-up. Read the FAQ's with answers.

Harrison Air
258 Wertsville Rd.
Ringoes, NJ
   Cross-country hot air balloon rides.  Champagne balloons flights etc.

Have Balloon Will Travel
Phillipsburg, NJ 08865
   Your pilot Rodger Kell has over 27 years (as of 2000) of experience with more than 2000 hours of flight time. He has flown all over the United States and abroad, and is an accomplished competitor in National Races. - 38 miles - 50 minutes

Hot Air Ballooning Adventures
forecast for
Clinton, NJ 08809
   Hot air balloon rides etc.  -- Very accommodating. 
Web site down - 10-10

In Flight Balloon Adventures
Clinton, NJ 08809
   (15th year in 2000) Surprise dinner flights, Tethering, overnight romantic adventure, and balloon ether for special occasions
Until further notice, all flights will be departing from Modica Farm approximately 1/4 mile from The Spain Inn II Restaurant. We'll still meet behind the restaurant. 

New Jersey Hot Air Ballooning
Located minutes from Routes 78, 22 and 202 in
Readington, NJ 08870
   Offering hot air balloon rides and services in New Jersey, New York & Pennsylvania, including champagne balloon flights, sales, corporate advertising, flight instruction, balloon photography and more!. Pricey if you don't pay in cash.

Northwest Connecticut Balloon Festival
Torrington, CT
Last event was in 2004.

Odyssey Balloons
Moorestown, NJ
   RE/MAX of New Jersey Balloon Team -- "There's No Air Like Hot Air! - Verified 2-15
Quick Chek NJ Festival of Ballooning
forecast for
Solberg Airport
Readington, NJ 08870
   Watch 125 balloons inflate and lift off.  Rides available.
Fireworks at night.  there will be 150,000 people attending
July 28-30, 2017

Sky Sweeper Balloon Adventures
forecast for
Clinton, NJ 08809
   Passengers are picked up by a Hummer chase vehicle upon landing.  Surprise dinner flights, overnight romantic adventure, and balloon tether for special occasions.  27 miles - 36 minutes
Website down 10-28-10

Tewksbury Balloon Adventures
forecast for
Oldwick, NJ
   Flights are available for 1 to 8 people per balloon. -
Verified 2-15

Warren County Farmer's Fair
Harmony Township, NJ
   Events... Tractor Pulls, Truck Pulls, the Demolition Derby, and the ever-popular Mud Bog Competition.  4th Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival with
Balloon Launches, Balloon Rides, and tethered rides.
July 29 - August 5,2017

Balloon Life Magazine

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